Congratulations for choosing the path leading to magnificent carer-from the patriach…
CBS COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT has been brought into being solely for spawning the legion of farsighted professionals and astute technocrats, remaining always ahead to contribute meaningfully to the nation. Throwing sight on the prevalent state of affairs in the world, it becomes comprehensible that the burgeoning advancement in the arena of technology and astounding revolution in the field of information have breed a new range of challenges and coveting opportunities.
With India emerging as a Global Superpower within the next 15 years, the education sector is encountering a paradigm shift to meet the demands of such a status. Higher Education has never been so important for the Human Resource Development Ministry and Universities and colleges are springing up across the geographical spectrum. The demand of Management Graduates, Teachers, Bio-Technologists, Engineers and IT Specialists is so high that inter-alia a vast slice of the potential population can convert into the employable strata.
Despite, the global financial meltdown and its cascading effect on the Indian Economy, Job opportunities continue to be plenty and career opportunity abound.
We seek to image a fertile breeding ground for wanna-be managers and Engineers. An academic ethos, supplemented by state-of-the art infrastructure, committed & qualified faculty and a pro-active culture encouraging achievement, ambition and a proactive culture encouraging achievement, ambition and a focused approach has enabled CBS to attain an honorable position among the community of premier institutes. In the fasted paced world of today, the only factor constant in change. We endeavor to equip our students with the behavioral skills of adaptability and flexibility and a high Emotional Quotient such that they can cope and triumph over the turbulent business environment.
We educate today with an eye on the future. The requirements of tomorrow’s Mega-Corporation are going to be rigorous and demanding and it is this deficit gap that our institutes fulfill aptly, holistically and comprehensively.
Given, a wide choice of institutes, CBS College Management stands apart as a temple of excellence, one where the quest for perfection never ends, an institute with a difference.
With a sense of pride, I extend a warm invitation to the highly talented generation of today to become a part of the enthusiastic, sincere, knowledgeable and spirited CBS College of Management family.
Best Wishes